Helen Schofield Therapy

BSc (Hons), MA, MSc MBACP

Counselling for Couples and Individuals

About Me

I have been counselling couples, individuals and families for over 10 years and I continue to feel passionate about the work that I do.

I have a Masters Degree in Relationship Therapy, extensive experience with Relate and also have a private practice.

We all go through challenging times!

There are chapters in our lives when we all experience challenging and difficult times. At these times we can often feel lost, stuck, unsure, confused, in our relationships and in ourselves.

I have been privileged helped many people experiencing such times in their lives. 

Maybe you are struggling with painful patterns of communication, conflict, issues of trust or separation? May be you are feeling a loss of connection, or sense of loss of yourself?

This can be a very confusing time and for many couples can feel like a point of crisis in their relationship. May I reassure you that this is more common in relationships than we might imagine. 

How I work

My aim is to help you to unravel the complexity, to gain clarity and understanding, opening the space for positive change.

Whatever you are going through, I understand that to take a step into therapy can evoke many feelings which may be difficult and will be particular for you.

I can support you to take this step.

Professional, flexible and personal approach

My approach is for us to work together in a safe, supportive and private space without judgement, where we can explore issues at a pace that feels right for you.

I am a fully qualified integrative counsellor at masters level, my work is based in systemic and psychodynamic approaches. I find that these approaches offer much needed flexibility within my work. 

We are all individuals and therefore professional flexibility in practice approach is of core importance to me.

What to expect

  • In our first session you can expect a warm and compassionate welcome.
  • This first session will include an assessment which is a 2-way process.
  • It is important that I can offer you the help that you are looking for and that you feel comfortable that we can work together.

Finding the right help

Please be reassured that if alternative professional help would be appropriate for your needs then I will help to signpost you to access this. 

I look forward to meeting with you.